Premcoal Group is an international corporate group of  subsidiary corporations that function in various regions for selling coal products, created by the professional management with the aim to strengthen its leading positions on the market.

The use of innovative technologies and many years of experience in the extraction and processing of valuable coal allows the company to be a confident leader in its industry.
The largest coal producers in Colombia, Indonesia, South Africa and Peru trust the cooperation with Premcoal Group.

Thanks to stable deliveries to countries such as: China, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. The company has become sufficient logistic resources to provide the customer with a choice of delivery basis: DAP, FOB, CIF, CFR, CPT.

The coal is delivered by railroad and via the seaports of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Annual volumes of coal supplies are around 5 mln tons per year.



Premcoal Baltic OÜ

Financial department handles communications with international banks and prepare payment documents for l/cs.
The annual financial audit is provided to build a strong corporate financial structure.
The company participates in tenders announced by private and state owned institutions.


Premcoal Group LTD

Other functions is hold up negotiations with potential customers, take part in conferences and strategical development of the company.
Premcoal Group LTD is also acting as a trading company.


PREMCOAL GROUP spotlight to trade high-quality coal production and maintain supply chain standards.
Progress in building relationships with coal production sights to fulfill our responsibility to our customers and potential markets.
For healthy growth and financial stability we recognize the importance of data and new IT solutions to offer transparency to our customers and partners.